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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

raised the hunt of a cow by Mauritanian seamen from the waters near the shores of the Atlantic City «Nouadhibou» Northern Mauritania lot of concerns, and the fishermen who returned to the beaches with the cow said "They did not believe at first unprecedented event, and some expressed fears that Be one of the signs of time of end of the world, and the incident sparked a stampede of some curious workers in ports in The city and the neighborhoods nearby.
The hunters were surprised they are aboard in a small boat in the water depth cow Buffeted by the waves to save her and return her, which to the surprise of many hunters commented
One of them, saying: «We were expecting to bring fish from the sea instead of cow».
The sources revealed that the cow fell into deep water off a beach resorts for sailors encountered in deep water, but controversial the owner of the cow is attend to the beach to after find them to receiving them.
Ironically, the province of Nouadhibou, located on the shores of the Atlantic, and where there are tens of thousands of camels, where there are no cows dramatically, which is blamed for specialists to several factors, including water scarcity and the high proportion of salt in the trees, especially the livestock Mauritania still depends on the trees without feed Industrial

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If You like It share It

If You like It share It